Anti-bullying advocacy scores: Emily's Tic growing in popularity

Hi everyone! I was recently interviewed by MSG Varsity about my children’s book, Emily’s Tic. The interview is really cool, so it would be great if you would watch it and pass it on. And if you have not already, please share a copy of my book with a teacher. Our generation’s job is to stop bullying! By sharing this book, you will be impacting the future.

Here is the link for the interview with MSG Varsity. It should work, but in some cases, an Optimum Online account is necessary to access it. Give it a try, though — like I said, it should work. But if it doesn’t, and you don’t have an Optimum account, as soon as I receive a DVD copy, I will post it to YouTube and share the link.

Emily’s Tic is available online at Barnes & Noble and Amazon. You also can find it on Nook & Kindle e-readers, as well as on the Nook & Kindle apps for iPhone/iPad.



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