Anonymous poem "Nobody Knows" as real today as it was in 1989

Following is a beautiful piece of poetry that was anonymously submitted to the New Jersey Center for Tourette Syndrome. The author wrote it in 1989, when they were a teenager with TS.

Nobody seems to ever understand,

the painful things I feel.

Nobody knows what’s inside my head,

or ever if it’s real.

Nobody knows what it feels like,

to constantly feel confused.

Nobody knows how sad I feel,

when I feel that I’m being used.

Nobody knows what it feels like,

to be afraid to go to sleep.

The far of never waking up again,

the fear of sinking so deep.

Maybe someday they’ll find the key,

that unlocks the mystery of my mind.

From that day on I’ll finally be free,

and happiness will be mine.

But until that day, nobody knows,

the feeling of being me.

Maybe they’re not looking had enough,

maybe they just can’t see.

Poetry has become a big part of the Teens4TS blog. You can read other poems from teens with Tourette Syndrome by clicking here.



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