Anger: Fighting the feeling

Hello everyone. It is very rainy where I am. Last night, I saw the movie “Brave” with my friends and family, and it was so awesome!!!! I loved it! I am proud to be part Scottish. My tics were OK until last night after the movie, when I had a complete breakdown.

I forgot my Zoloft the night before, and my heartstrings are being pulled in two different directions and it’s getting very hard. But, I knew it would be. I had a feeling I would become super depressed, angry and sad.

You know about my agitation where I need to hit things? That’s what I had the urge to do last night. And I was so tired of it that I fought it. I ticced and it was hard to contain it, but I didn’t want to deal with hurting myself anymore. I succeeded, and today, I don’t feel easily agitated at all. Well, I hope you all are having a sunny day. :)



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