Adult Onset Tourette Syndrome: The best tics

The following post is from Alec Stott, author of the Adult Onset Tourette Syndrome blog who this year, at age 21, was diagnosed with TS.

WARNING: This post is designed to show what living with tics, Tourette Syndrome and coprolalia can be like. However, some of the language in this post is quite coprolalic and very offensive, so please proceed at your own risk. Teens4TS and NJCTS are not responsible for, nor do they condone, any of the content in this post.

“Bath-time with the boogie monster!”

“Hitchin’ a ride on the pleasure wagon!”

“There’s no hope for the Jews!”

“Peanut gravy shoes”

“Make me a sandwich!”

“Make me a baby!”

“Nigger in a beard!”

“Slippery Fish!”

“Kippers in slippers…”

“I’m a llama!”

“I’m an alien!”

“Vagina-face monologue”

“Fanny-hole dubstep!”

“I’m gay but I like tits too…”

“There’s a marmoset in my knickers!”

“Liam Neeson has pubes on his arms”

“Liam Neeson is secretly gay!”

“Seth Rogan has aids”

“I’m wearing a bra and it’s made of cheesecake”

“Cat wanker!”

“Mary Berry is hiding in our toilet”

“I valet pigs for a living”

“Pig valet, only 50p!”

“The world is a big place…full of gypsies!”

“Arsenic in the roast”

“Sausages are from the Netherlands. Period.”



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