Acceptance at last!

So happy right now! I can’t really write about it in depth because I have to eat dinner in a few minutes, but my dad just told me some really great things. I pretty much haven’t talked to him about my own TS diagnosis since the day I was diagnosed more than two years ago. He said some pretty hurtful things out of fear that day. Today, I learned that it was just out of fear and concern for me that he said those things. I feel so much better after this conversation.

He told me that he now knows what TS really is and at the time he just thought thought TS was shouting out swear words. He told me because of me he has learned what TS really is and now he knows and accepts that I have it. He didn’t know it could be as simple as just clearing your throat, sniffling, or blinking your eyes. He told me that he wouldn’t want me to think of him as someone who was insensitive or not understanding about my situation. He is sensitive and understanding of my situation.

My mom heard all this. Hearing her husband say this must have helped at least to some extent to get though to her.



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  1. thats awesome ruthie, so glad ur finally being accepted. thats like the best feeling in the world!

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