A spot of poetry

Hello all :) I found this poem that I wrote not too long ago about my Tourette Syndrome. Having dabbled in poetry at school, I always wanted to express some of the trials and tribulations TS can bring, and this has been my only completed poem about it.


I live on edge, each noise can kill.

This fight or flight response to life,

A tiring way to live each day –

Each muscle always hypertense.

My eyes grow wide, I lock my jaw.

I hold my breath and try to smile,

’cause I’m OK. I am. I think?

Except I feel my belly’s tight.

As tension starts to climb my spine.

It steals my breath, my shoulders lift.

I clench my fists, ignore the stress.

My chest is tight, my lungs are clogged.

Twinges confuse, my thoughts conflict –

Focus or flake? Give in and scream?

As thoughts all fail and tension builds,

I disappear through melted brain.

I must distract myself right now…

No! This distracts – where was I? Now,

Just focus on whatever I can.

And yet my thoughts will deviate.

I’m over took and all sense fails,

My way out known – but is it safe?

For thinking’s sake I find the key.

I take the pill and I escape..

It’s not the deepest poem or one that’s been masterly crafted, but hey ho :)



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