A newer, darker poem

It was a high counsel that I once heard given to a young person, “Always do what you are afraid to do.”

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Hello everyone. I’d like to share a poem that I recently wrote out of nowhere. I decided to put it up on my blog. It is very different from the other poetry that I have written.

Warning: It is a bit darker. It also has nothing to do with Tourette Syndrome. It is also about a subject that happens in real life. Reader’s discretion is advised. I’ve always wanted to say that!

“Lie To Me”

Go on, go on and lie to me

Let your words drip off of your lips like venom

Let your mouth say something while your mind says something else

Let your eyes stay on contact with mine, though they’re begging to fall

Go on, go on and hurt me

Say you love me when you’re also saying it to someone else

Say you are mine forever when forever won’t last that long

Say you won’t hurt me again when you’ll do it once more

Go on, go on and intimidate me

Show me your gentle touch, when you’ll hit me harder later on

Show me kindness now, when you’ll just insult me more tomorrow

Show me your light side, when it’s just covering the dark

Go on, go on and leave me

Leave me in the darkness that you left behind, though it will someday go away

Leave me with my spirit crushed, though it will one day be fully mended

Leave me to cry my heart out, when in fact I am relieved you are gone for good

Hope you all have a wonderful day! :)



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