A look back at childhood tics

Hey everyone. So I just got some old home videos converted into DVDs so that I could watch them. Click here to view part of one of the home videos that my mom filmed when I was around 4 years old.The video doesn’t actually start until around 13 seconds, so jump to that part!

I got frustrated with trying to open a birthday present and then pass the box onto my dad to get him to try to open it. After I pass the box to him, I do a motor tic which involves holding my eyes open wide, tilting my head and body to the side, and movement of my hands/arms.

It always amazes me to see a little 3- or 4-year-old me ticcing! I will be uploading more videos of my tics as a young child to this page so be on the lookout for them! Feel free to comment. :)



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