A couple more questions about Tourette Syndrome

Hey guys! Last week, several of you responded to some questions that I posed on this blog that originally came from my A Little Bit Different: Tourette Syndrome Facebook page. The answers were great — keep them coming! Now we have a couple more questions that I hope you can answer. Here they are:

  • I’m a Special Ed teacher and have many students with sensory issues. My nephew was just diagnosed with TS and I just wondering if anyone had issues with behavior that were related to sensory processing disorder?? Is this something that can go along with TS? We often notice mini-meltdowns in situations where there is a ton of sensory input (large crowded restaurants, etc.). I often use deep pressure techniques in my classroom and wondered if it could help my nephew. Thank you!
  • I was wondering if any of you have ever tried Melatonin? Did you like it or not? I was thinking of trying it with my son to help him sleep better. Thank you!


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  1. melatonen works great for me and i know people who dont have ts who take it too for sleep problems. try it. but i wold ask a doctor first id think.

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