5th school week, 4th quiz post, 3 questions!

Herro der people of the interwebs and welcome to a redonkeylously awesome quiz post that was quite hard to title. What does “redonkeylously” even mean? Anywho, this week’s theme is………….games!

  1. The very popular iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad all include the App Store. There’s a certain thing in that store. A super addictive game series has 3 games in it. 1 is on Earth, 1 is still on Earth but is based on seasons, and the last 1 is in space. What game series is it?
  2. A very, very, very, very awesome game that everyone should absolutely LOVE is really just you, blocks and creativity. I want you to name it, but just one thing: There’s about 100 different ripoffs of it, so I’ll give ya a hint. imnerftca. That’s the answer scrambled.
  3. Also on iPhone, iPad etc., is an awesome ninja game that involves fruit. Hopefully, when I said “fruit”, you figured it out.

That’s all, folks!




  1. I got Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja but Minecraft was the one I couldnt figure out! Ive never played that game is it good?

    • Adam got all correct and Joshua, I honestly feel bad bad for you. I mean, Minecraft is definetly on my top 3. Actually, it’s 2. There’s a demo on PC, full game on PC, Classic Edition for free on PC, Pocket Editor demo and full on iPhone,iPod,iPad, Android smartphones etc., and last but not least, Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition for Xbox 360, of course. Oh yeah! You’ll also be featured in my post! Joshua, pleeeease play Minecraft!

      • Wow, I just got school by a 10-year-old. lolzzz. I’ll check out Minecraft and let you know.

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