Taking care of siblings with OCD

Hi! I am Katrina. I’m 19. My brother and sister have OCD. My brother could have Tourette Syndrome, they just aren’t sure yet. The doctors know my sister does not have it, she just has really bad OCD. I have to live with my sister. She can’t really touch anything, so I have to do it for her.

If she needs to go outside, I have to open the door for her. If she wants the channel changed, she asks me. My brother is the same way. Once he takes a shower, you can’t get dirty. He can’t change his son’s diaper because he’s scared he is going to have a tic or he’s going to get dirty.

So, when my nephew is at my house, and his mom won’t do anything, I do it. At first I was mad that I had to do it, then I understood why. I would do anything for them because I’m their sister and I love them.

Companion TS bill introduced to U.S. Senate! Spread the word now!

Hey guys! As per one of my previous posts found here, a companion Tourette Syndrome bill — S. 2321 — has been introduced to the U.S. Senate, expanding upon H.R. 3760, which was introduced by Congressman Albio Sires (D-NJ13) in December 2011.

This is another huge step in getting the legislation passed, as it will help garner more support within the TS community — and even outside of it as well. S. 2321 was introduced by Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) and seeks to amend the Public Health Service Act, just like H.R. 3760. In fact, much of the language of the bills is similar.

If the bill is successful in passing, the programs and activities of the National Institutes of Health in respect to TS will see increased funding so that they can be expanded and intensified.

The bill is still making its way through the democratic process; though it is a long and arduous one, the many benefits that the TS community will reap from the bill being passed are immense.

Please support the bill and the companion version here on POPVOX. It’s extremely important to spread the word to others. Remember, our elected officials are here to listen to US, the citizens of the regions they represent.  Make sure that you are getting the word out, and hopefully we will be able to see some positive results once the bill is voted upon Thanks!

Frustrations with OCD can bubble over

Last week, I had some frustrating times. My brother used my OCD against me, and I really really hate that. We had a fight over the TV. I wanted to watch TV since I had almost no homework, and my brother thought I was playing it too loud.

He told me if I didn’t turn it off, he would go in my room and bathroom and mess all my stuff up — putting contaminated things on noncontaminated things and contaminating my entire room. Of course, this would have just been more than awful for me to bear, so I had no choice but to turn off the TV so he wouldn’t contaminate my room.

His exact words were, “I don’t care if you mess up my stuff, but you would care if I messed up your stuff because you have OCD.” I hate it that he used my OCD against me and used it to get his way. I am worried he will do this in the future. If he does, I hate to say it, but he will win every time.

Now I am sitting in my regular hangout place, but there are a few new girls in the room who don’t usually hang out here at this time. Of course, I am ticcing like usual, and every time I do my yelping vocal tic this girl looks over at me and just stares. I am fed up with it. It’s so rude to stare is such an obvious way.

A part of me just wants to say, “I have Tourette. You can stop staring now.” But right now, I just don’t feel like getting into it. I feel weakened from the fight with my brother and not too confident right now. I guess I will just let her stare. I hate it when people stare at me when I’m ticcing, but that’s life.

My boyfriend has Tourette Syndrome

Up until about four months ago, I knew almost nothing about Tourette Syndrome. The extent of my knowledge was “Tourette’s Guy” and that one South Park episode, which — to be honest with you — I thought were stupid even before I got educated. But in December of this past year, two very important things happened.

First, I found out that a 4-year-old girl that I work with was working on being diagnosed with Tourette’s. Second, I met Keith — my boyfriend.

Since then I have learned a ton about Tourette Syndrome and the disorders that surround it. Keith’s openness and willingness to offer explanations has helped me not only to be a good girlfriend to him, but also to be a better teacher to the kids at my preschool.

Over the past few months I have developed a passion for spreading awareness to people who are like I was. My hope is to help each and every person with Tourette Syndrome find acceptance and understanding in society.

I look forward to blogging here, and please come say hi over at my Facebook page, too!

Get to know me for me!

Hi, I’m Shawnna Rhey Moses, and I’ll be 22 in four days! I have Tourette Syndrome, which I first found out when I was about 5-6, maybe 7 — around that age! It started with a throat tic that was really painful. I have been through SO much with TS, and I now have a bone tic where I crack almost every single bone in my body all the time!

It’s VERY painful, and it’s hard to deal with. I live with TS, and I accept it, but I often wonder what life would be like without it. I am also married and very in love with a man that accepts me, loves me and takes care of me! I am very happy and blessed!

I’m also one of the new admins over at RowenaM’s Twitch and Jerk site on Facebook, so come visit me there, too! I look forward to blogging a lot here!

Tourette's 4 Kids comes to Teens4TS!

Hey there everyone! My name is Sara, and I am new to this blog!  My birthday is on July 16.  My favorite color is aqua. 😀  I love to draw, listen to music and chat with my friends! I have Tourette Syndrome, ADHD, Dyspraxia and OCD.  I hope to post again soon!

Oh, and if you want to e-mail me with questions, please e-mail me at: octoberpumpkins98@yahoo.com. Hope to talk to you all soon! 😀

In the meantime, check out my Tourette Syndrome video on YouTube. It’s already received almost 10,000 hits! Also, you can find me on Facebook.

Dealing with change can be very hard

Change does not change tradition. It strengthens it. Change is a challenge and an opportunity — not a threat.

~ Prince Phillip of England

Hi everyone. It is a partly cloudy day here where I live. So, everything has been OK so far the past week and a half. As you all know, there is a new admin on my page, Twitch and Jerk. I must be honest — it has been a bit hard for me. TaJ is my baby. It has been mine so long, and Shawnna has done a great job.

She has started conversation with so many of the fans. They all really seem to like her. But I am stupidly jealous of her. I like her a lot, but I’m just afraid that you all will like her more than me. She seems to be doing a better job than I am. I haven’t posted for the past week so she could get used to being an admin.

I also just felt like I couldn’t say anything because it wouldn’t be as good. I couldn’t say no to her when she asked to be an admin. I didn’t want to hurt her feelings, and I actually thought it would be cool for her to be an admin. I guess I just have to get used to change. I’m not a change person. It’s hard for me to deal with. Shawnna is doing a great job. I hope she keeps it up! I mean it. Continue reading

Band of Artists: Exploring Tourette through performance

Hi everyone, my name is Sutie, and I run a company called Band of Artists — an innovative performance troupe that explores Tourette Syndrome through artistic performance and scientific research.

I have Tourette and use my tics as a foundation for modern choreography. The performance is intended to expand the vocabulary of dance as well as challenge people’s perceptions of what it means to have a disability.

Band of Artists embraces diversity and spreads a message of tolerance as well as appreciation and even admiration for those who are different. I think this is a great outlet for teens with TS and invite you to check out one of my several videos on YouTube. If you like that one, there check out the rest of them, too!

Classmate's life affected positively by TS documentary

As most of you know, I presented the Tourette Syndrome documentary that I made to my senior class a few weeks ago. Yesterday, a girl in my class sent me this message:

“Hi. I know this is super delayed, but I wanted to say how incredible your documentary was. My brother has a really mild tic from his ADD medication, and I never knew what to say to make it easier for him. Your video showed me how acting normal is the key.”

I was soooo happy that she told me about this, and it was fantastic to hear that my documentary made a difference in another person’s life. 🙂