The dreaded squeaking tic

Hi everyone, I am normally able to mask most of my tics so that people do not really notice I have them. For instance, instead of randomly squatting, I’ll squat down to pick something up, or if I need to stick my finger in my belly button, I just pretend to itch it. But how do you disguise a squeaking tic?

My Tourette’s wants me to scream, but I just push out a squeak that feels like a scream. I’ve never had a tic like this. Some of my tics can be loud, such as coughing and clapping, but this one is high-pitched and annoying.

A few weeks ago, when it first started, I was squeaking, and my brother asked my dad if the noises were coming from our dog. My dad replied, “No, that’s your sister.” Sounds kind of weird, huh? Being compared to a squealing dog?

I was sitting in an office chair a few days after that, and I was squeaking. My brother then asked if it was my chair making the noise. So… now I’ve been compared to a dog and a chair. It’s a bit funny once you think about it. Funny, but still annoying. You know how people say, “I’m so overwhelmed, I need to just scream into a pillow!”? Well, for me, I really do need to scream!

Do you ever think about what us people with Tourette Syndrome look like to people who don’t have it? I’ve been thinking about it, and I get how our disorder seems so strange and hard to understand. We must be patient while raising awareness, because not everyone in our lives will accept us. Thanks for reading, and stay strong!

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12 thoughts on “The dreaded squeaking tic

  1. My son is 11 and has Aspergers and Tourettes. He has recently developed this same tic. At first, I thought he was being silly and told him to knock it off. He’s a bit of a clown so it was a fair assumption. He told me it was a new tic. I feel so bad for him because I know that most people just don’t understand and think he’s just being disruptive. For now, we are homeschooling. So, perhaps that will make things a little easier for him.

  2. My son is 10 with Tourettes and ADHD. . He was diagnosed Tourettes this past summer. He has the squeaky tics but now its worse. He now has to do it in between words. Nothing works for him. Strattera I tried but that just makes his stomach hurt. Concerta doesn’t help either. What do you suggest? Any help is greatly appreciated.

  3. Just embrace the differences- Social acceptance or non-acceptance of it is the issue. It is not dangerous or a harbinger of any progression of TS. Some meds may be of benefit but not usually. Try to have some medical bracelet etc with your DX on it so that when in a social situation where the authority (Theater, Classroom, etc) thinks you are volitionally doing it. you can point out your dx on your medical bracelet. The stereotype of TS with the cursing and outbursts being managed as a squeak will then be viewed as you actually doing a GREAT job in how you are handling the symptoms. (Just my thoughts but I actually don’t have TS).

  4. I squeak weirdly and as far as I know I don’t have Tourette’s Syndrome. I’m 15 and I have been doing it for two years. People always think there’s a cat in the room. It feels almost like a hiccup, but it kind of hurts. I also shake a lot after I do it. Do you think this could be a tick? I have been asked if I have Tourettes and my ten year old sister does.

    • It is hard to say for sure but we do know that TS runs in families. Give NJCTS a call at 908-575-7350 for more information and to take advantage of support services.

  5. Damn. And there i thought i was the only one doing “the squeak”. after reading this i read some more about TS (since i never heard of it) and it seems like i do have it. I can remember squeaking since i was 8. Im freaking 20 now! And just realized. I do have some more ticks though like shaking my hands as if i got electrocuted and some facial stuff is going too. Yet the the squeak is what i have been doing the longest time. Hm.
    I do get equal responses like you guy’s. :/
    atleast i know its nothing worse but a tick. WellP i feel the urge to share my analysis of this tick:
    ~Its most intense when im frustrated or stressed(does happen sometimes until i fall asleep)
    ~Its not happening at all when I am focusing on something.(though other ticks like facials like blinking do)
    ~Happens mildly when im relaxing.

    Well, im feeling better having found this discussion, quite the years have past
    Untill i found out about it.Aaaanyway,
    Stay strong 😉

  6. Heya! Im Briana! I have a weird squeaking tic, i have no idea what it is, its just, it ges like this
    *everyone giggles and starts talking about you*
    Awww cute! *best friend says*
    *holds in next squeak*
    *starts breathing weird*
    *friend becoming concerned* you ok, bri?
    *eyes widen takes deep breath* AAAAAAAAGGGHHHHHHHH *tiny squeak*
    *teacher gives me crazy eyes* you ok?
    *me with my eyes closed listening to everyones jump scare*yeah…
    *someone laughs*

    This really happenrd and i hated it. I get compared to a litten all of the time…

  7. God I also have the squeaking tic. I haven’t been diagnosed with Tourette’s but I do have other tics such as uncontrollably shaking my leg and sometimes my whole body. When my body shakes its more like rocking. Both of these things are incredibly embarrassing and I’m glad I’m not alone.

  8. im 13 years old and in middle school i had turrets syndrome ever since i was born it was genetically passed down to me from my father when i was little i would make a short humming sound and it was not very noticeable then the tics went away and i didn’t do them any more then a couple years ago they came back worse than ever i LOVE horses so then i found myself doing a horse neigh i like the sound of it then i started losing my voice and then the screeches started to get more high piched now it feels like a scream but its not, i have learned to do it more quietly but people usually hear me and tell me to quit it then i have to explain to them that i have a condition and it cannot be stopped. i have not been bullied thank god but people still think that i am weird especially when we are doing a test and i am in a silent room i have to try and hold it in for 45 minuted but it doesn’t go well my science teacher looks at me all weird and i just look away not bothering to tell her that i have turrets i really hope things get better for me.

  9. My 7 year old son has been squealing every day for 4 years at least, at first I found it annoying and thought he was just attention seeking but I have just been told by psychologist he may have Tourette’s syndrome and the squealing and strange facial expressions are symptoms. I now feel at ease knowing he has a reason other than trying to irritate me. Feel bad for being annoyed in past 🙁

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