10 Ways to Respect Children & Adults with Tourette Syndrome: No. 3

Hey everyone! I have decided to make a blog called “10 Ways to Respect Children and Adults With Tourette’s Syndrome”.

I feel like it’s not just important to tell others what shouldn’t be said, but that it’s also very important to follow this up with things that should be said and things that are helpful and supportive. This is important so that others without Tourette’s don’t shy away from talking about it all together, but instead know ways they can acknowledge Tourette’s by being helpful, supportive and accepting without being offensive.

So counting down toward No. 1, here is No. 3:

Not making any assumptions.

From the mother of a child living with Tourette’s Syndrome:

While my 9-year-old was “squeaking” in a grocery store, we had one person (out of 50) ask if I and if she were OK … out of genuine concern. This is still the first and last time this happened to us. We were both so grateful. Her name is Charlie. She’s in 4th grade and has TS, OCD, SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder) and anxiety.

Look for No. 2 after Christmas. And in case you missed the ones that came before, here’s a list:



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