Teens blog celebrates 1-month anniversary!

When the New Jersey Center for Tourette Syndrome & Associated Disorders (NJCTS) launched Teens4TS, an Internet blog resource for teenagers with TS, on Nov. 14, it had no idea the venture would take off so quickly.

But one month and several thousands of hits later, Teens4TS — which can be found by visiting https://njcts.org/teens4ts — continues to grow into one of the World Wide Web’s premier Tourette Syndrome-related blogs and resources for teenagers.

Featuring original posts and content from a dozen contributors, Teens4TS has boasted several new entries every week since its inception. Some of the topics covered by teenagers from locations all over the United States — as well as Canada, England, the Netherlands and Belgium — include initial diagnosis, getting a diagnosis of TS as a teen and not a child, and talking to friends about the condition. Poetry and videos also have been prominently featured.

One of the most popular posts was from a New Jersey teenager named Tommy, who wrote a poem to that he hoped would reach and touch others also struggling with Tourette Syndrome. Here is a sample of that beautiful poem:

I am the helper who stands by your side

I am the compliment that is a mile wide

I am the archeologist that digs for treasures you can’t see

I am the scientist that searches for inventions that can be

I am the angel that brightens your day

I am Tourette’s, I frighten you away

Within 24 hours, there were several responses to Tommy’s poem, which has received more hits than any other entry over the past month. It is examples such as this that demonstrate the powerful nature of a resource such as Teens4TS. T

eens wishing to participate as a regular contributor to Teens4TS should contact the blog’s administrator at teens@njcts.org. More information is available by visiting http://twitter.com/Teens4TS.