Youth Advocate Sofia ‘Tackles Tourette’ for Fourth Year

Sofia Trabilcy is well on her way to reaching her $5,000 goal and exceeding every other walk team.

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The Benefits of a Neuropsychological Evaluation

Presented by Cristina Sperrazza, Psy.D. Dr. Cristina Sperrazza, a neuropsychologist, speaks about the benefits of a neuropsychological evaluation. She provides a brief explanation of neuropsychology, an overview of the neuropsychological evaluation process, differences between neuropsychological testing and school evaluations, and possible outcomes after a neuropsychological evaluation (e.g., diagnosis, treatment and

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“I finally felt that I was not alone.”

I am so thankful to NJ Center for Tourette Syndrome

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A Neuroplasticity-Based Approach to Tics

Presented by Betsy Stroeber It’s well understood that tic disorders are neurological in nature and usually follow a common developmental course. Most often, this course leads to abatement of symptoms in adulthood, even in relatively severe childhood cases. What’s behind the common course of tic disorders and what if we

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Mental Health in Media: Its Stigma and Stereotypes

Presented by Meg Isbitski, LCSW We will discuss the inaccurate and harmful depictions of mental health in the media. There will be an explanation of how these depictions relate to stigma and perpetuating stereotypes from a personal and societal perspective. Special considerations include different cultural lenses and how this affects

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Tourette Syndrome PSA

NJCTS Advocates Call for a Stop to TS Stereotypes

Four young advocates tell their story in new PSAs for NJ Center for Tourette Syndrome

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Twitcha 2

Twitcha 2 is Now Available

After discovering her superpowers, Twitcha is starting to have doubts as a new villain causes her anxiety and depression to spin out of control.

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TS Train

All Aboard the TS Train

Dr. Bernard Maria was looking for just the right metaphor to describe a patient’s journey with Tourette Syndrome that even a young child could comprehend and give parents an illustration of what to expect. That was when he thought of the TS Train. Dr. Maria serves as chief of the

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NJCTS Announces 2021 Program of Webinars

NJCTS has announced the topics of their Wednesday Webinars series for 2021 featuring presentations by leaders in the field of mental health and education.

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Mental Health Month

In the Time of the Coronavirus Pandemic, Mental Health Has Never Mattered More

NJ Center for Tourette Syndrome provides programs and services for individuals and families during this uncertain time. The coronavirus pandemic is exacting a significant toll on everyone from the physical symptoms, anxiety about the risk of contracting the virus, worry about loved ones, job-related stress (in some cases, reduced hours

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