Rutgers TS Clinic is now recruiting for February youth program

Many children with tics and Tourette Syndrome may experience anxiety, be teased or bullied, develop negative self-perceptions and avoid social situations as a result of their tics.

The Rutgers Tourette Syndrome Program offers a 10-week, group-based program beginning in February that aims to help children build resilience and develop the skills necessary to better navigate life with tics and associated conditions.

The program is based on the research-supported principles of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and is uniquely designed to help youth:

  1. Learn about tics in a developmentally appropriate way
  2. Build confidence
  3. Identify and manage difficult thoughts and feelings
  4. Navigate the various social issues that often come along with having tics, such as talking to others about tics and responding to teasing
  5. Connect with other children with tics in a supportive environment

Who: Children and adolescents ages 7-17 with Tourette syndrome or chronic tics

When: Thursday evenings beginning February 23rd for 10 weeks

Where: GSAPP Psychological Services Clinic, Rutgers University Busch Campus, 152 Frelinghuysen Road, Piscataway, NJ

Fee: $25 for intake meeting plus $200 per child for entire 10-week program

For more information or to register for the group, call (848) 445-6111, ext. 40150.