In Their Own Words: Pat Phillips

Patricia Phillips started with NJCTS in 2016 as the Education Outreach Coordinator and was responsible for developing and implementing statewide education and community outreach programs targeting New Jersey’s wide and diverse population. She is currently the Associate Director for Program Development and Outreach tasked with ensuring the quality, growth and integration of all NJCTS programs that carry out the organization’s mission.  Ms. Phillips started her career in the private sector working in marketing and sales for such companies as IBM and Viacom. She has also been an adjunct professor at the City College of New York as well as Bergen Community College where she taught students with intellectual disabilities. She holds an MBA in Marketing from Fordham University’s Graduate School of Business.

What Has Been the Most Rewarding Part of Your Time at NJCTS?

Working with our young people has been life changing. They demonstrate incredible courage which is inspiring. I know that if they can overcome the challenges they face every day, then that leaves little excuse for the rest of us to not fulfill our potential.  Each one of us has within us the indomitable spirit to overcome despite the odds against us. My goal is to  follow the lead of our young people. They are our future.

What Have You Learned Being a Part of the Tourette Syndrome Community?

I have learned that being a part of the TS community is being a part of a community that is spirited, accepting and compassionate.

What Do You Do in Your “Free” Time?

I love theater and the arts. Reading to me is food for the soul so I am always reading something. Speaking of food, I love to eat a great meal and prefer restaurants to cooking at home. Family is also very important to me and I am very close to my two sons. My husband and I always look forward to spending time with our sons.

What Legacy Would You Like to Leave?

That’s a tough question. I hope that at the end of the day, I have helped to enrich the lives of those living with Tourette Syndrome, and erased the stigma associated with TS. I want Tourette Syndrome to become a disorder that is  no longer misunderstood and that those living with TS are not marginalized for just being themselves.

I am looking forward to this opportunity to continue to serve the TS community and build on the strong foundation made under the tremendous leadership of Faith Rice.

NJCTS friends and families can reach Pat at pphillips@njcts.org.

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