Parent Burnout in the Face of Covid 19

Presenter:  Azlen Theobald, Psy.D.

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What is burnout? We’ve all likely felt it in some capacity whether at home, in a school setting, or within our job environment. In the current pandemic setting, parents are wearing even more hats than they usually do and have found themselves very swiftly and without much preparation time playing the role of parent, educator, behavioral therapist, and coach. For children with neurodevelopmental disorders, the COVID-19 environment has meant a drastic change from their daily routine and left parents and caregivers feeling overwhelmed and burned out.

Dr. Azlen Theobald of NeurAbilities Healthcare will discuss parental burnout, strategies to help reduce conflict, and ways to manage mental health for both parents and children during this public health crisis.

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  1. BrentS says

    For parents trying to work from home with little children, how can I communicate with them so they understand that I still need to work.

  2. CarrieP says

    Please elaborate a little more on the issues of parental frustration that can turn into aggressive behavior with their spouse or kids.

  3. JGoldfarb says

    I would appreciate your thoughts on how screen time has exploded during the past couple of months. It’s going to be hard to wean my kids off that time. What’s the best way to approach that and keep the peace?

  4. ToriS says

    I am the mom of an adult daughter who has suffered with anxiety since she was a child and is now the parent of her own anxious child. I see this cycle perpetuating itself and I’m not sure how best to support both of them. I don’t live near NJ or PA – if I did I would be knocking on your door!

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