NJCTS Wednesday Webinar series continues June 27 with presentation about TS’ impact on families

The webinar will take place from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. and will look at some statistics relating to Tourette Syndrome, especially how it affects children


There are lots of statistics out there that show how Tourette Syndrome has a real, tangible impact on families affected by the neurological disorder. The next New Jersey Center for Tourette Syndrome & Associated Disorders (NJCTS) Wednesday Webinar, titled “Tourette Syndrome and Its Impact on Children and Families” and scheduled to take place from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. June 27, will detail some of those statistics from the latest Tourette Syndrome Impact Survey – particularly those pertaining to children and TS, adults and TS, and peer victimization and TS.

Presenting will be Dr. Cathy L. Budman, director of the Movement Disorders Program in Psychiatry at North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System and an associate professor of psychiatry at the Hofstra University School of Medicine. Dr. Budman is a clinician investigator specializing in Tourette Syndrome and associated disorders such as OCD, ADHD and anxiety.

She is a longstanding member of the National Tourette Syndrome Association (TSA) Medical Advisory Board and also is on the Long Island TSA and Long Island CHADD Medical Advisory Boards.  Dr. Budman is a member of the National Tourette Syndrome Association International Consortium for Genetics (TSA-ICG) and the National TSA Clinical Trials Consortium. She has been studying and treating individuals with TS and associated disorders for more than 25 years.

In 2008, NJCTS launched the Wednesday Webinar series, which currently draws an audience from 48 states and 11 countries, and presents online seminars for parents, educators and professionals on topics of interest to the TS community at no-cost to participants each month. Professional development credits will be offered upon verifying attendance of the webinar and completion of the exit survey. They will be distributed by mail the week after the webinar.


To register for this webinar, or to view and download past NJCTS webinars, please visit www.njcts.org/witsd-seminar-sign-up.php.

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