NJCTS launches new blog just for teenagers!

Last week, the New Jersey Center for Tourette Syndrome & Associated Disorders launched TSParentsOnline, a blog for parents of kids with Tourette Syndrome to share ideas, opinions, stories and expertise, as well as connect on ways to support each other. In just seven short days, that blog – which can be found at https://njcts.org/tsparents — has been a huge success.

On Monday, Nov. 14, NJCTS celebrated the successful beginning of another important Internet venture, this one aimed at the 1 in 100 teenagers who have TS. Our second blog, Teens4TS, is now up and running at https://njcts.org/teens4ts, with the goal of attracting conversation, comments and contributions from not only teenagers with TS from New Jersey, but also ones from around the nation and all corners of the globe.

It is NJCTS’ hope that this blog will help the Center achieve its ongoing goal to provide answers for teenagers and their families through referrals to programs and services, education and training so that families, peers and professionals will be better qualified to help those with TS.

HarryK, a 17-year-old New Jersey teenager and one of Teens4TS’ primary bloggers, had this to say in his first entry:

“I recently completed all of my applications for college, and like millions of other anxious teens around the country, I’m just wanting to be finally accepted. ‘Wanting to be accepted’ is a feeling that clearly speaks to everyone. For me now, it pertains to college, but when I was only 11 and diagnosed with TS, it meant an entirely different thing and felt way different than it does now.”

Those wishing to join HarryK as a contributor to the blog should contact NJCTS’ blog administrator at teens@njcts.org. Please help us spread the word about this worthwhile new venture, one that has all of us at NJCTS excited!

More information about Teens4TS is available by visiting www.njcts.org, by calling 908-575-7350 or by clicking on the social media links below.