NJCTS Grand Rounds Trains South Jersey Health Providers

Hospital presentation brings awareness to Tourette Syndrome

Camden, N.J.- Health care providers in the greater Camden area are now more equipped to accurately diagnose and treat Tourette Syndrome. Dr. Chester Minarcik led grand rounds training from the New Jersey Center for Tourette Syndrome at Cooper University Medical Center on January 27th to over 50 practitioners.

Tourette Syndrome is a neurological disorder affecting 1 in 100 individuals. It’s characterized by involuntary motor or vocal movements known as tics and is frequently accompanied by attention deficit and obsessive-compulsive disorders, learning disabilities, depression and anxiety. Right now, there is no cure for TS- but like many other conditions, early intervention leads to faster diagnosis and treatment. Outreach to medical professionals is a top priority for the Center.

Dr. Minarcik specializes in pediatric neurology with a private practice based in Moorestown. His presentation at Cooper University Medical Center focused on strategies for identifying the complex and changing symptoms of Tourette Syndrome and treatment techniques.

NJCTS provides grand rounds and other training opportunities to health and education professionals throughout the state. For more information about the Center’s professional outreach, visit www.njcts.org.