NJ Center for Tourette Syndrome announces 2016 NJ Walks for TS Events

NJ Center for Tourette Syndrome announces
2016 NJ Walks for TS Events 

North, Central, and South Jersey 5k walk/runs planned to benefit the nation’s first Center of Excellence for Tourette Syndrome’s Education Outreach program

SOMERVILLE, NJ— NJ Walks for TS, the first series of Tourette Syndrome advocacy walk/runs for kids, by kids is now in its 7th season and the NJ Center for Tourette Syndrome announces the 2016 schedule:

April 3 – NJ Walks for TS at Princeton

September 18 – NJ Walks for TS at Medford Lakes

November 19 – NJ Walks for TS at Mendham

“NJ Walks for TS is more than your average 5K,” said NJCTS Executive Director Faith W. Rice. “This was started by kids with TS to reach out to others as a way to fight bullying and create positive awareness. Standing up and stepping out sends a message of support that means so much to the 1 in 100 New Jersey kids living with Tourette Syndrome.”

Tourette Syndrome (TS) is a neurological disorder characterized by involuntary movements or sounds known as tics. TS is frequently accompanied by other neurological or mental health disorders. As many as 28,000 school-age children in New Jersey lives with TS and many report feelings of isolation and have been bullied because of their disorder. NJ Walks for TS was designed as a show of support to the TS community and also a chance for the public to combat the stigma these children face.

All funds raised by NJ Walks for TS will benefit the Education Outreach Programs of NJCTS including school in-services for teachers and students, hospital trainings for doctors and other healthcare professionals, and youth development programs to foster leadership skills in young people with TS.

For more information about NJ Walks for TS, or to learn more about Tourette Syndrome and the work of NJCTS, call 908-575-7350 or visit www.njcts.org. For more information about registration and sponsorship for the NJ Walks for TS program, visit www.njcts.org/walk.


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NJCTS is the nation’s first Center of Excellence for Tourette Syndrome and Associated Disorders. Through partnerships and collaborations, NJCTS provides a continuum of services, support, and education for families; outreach and training for medical and educational professionals; and advocacy for collaborative research for better treatments and a cure for TS. For more information, please visit www.njcts.org or call 908-575-7350.