Nature and Treatment of Hoarding

Presenter: Martin E. Franklin, Ph.D.
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Dr. Franklin spoke about when collecting crosses over to clinically significant hoarding and how to approach this common problem. He discussed how to use cognitive behavioral techniques in regards to how to motivate the individual who doesn’t see the collecting as a problem or who is not ready to address the problem directly.


  1. KelleyT says:

    At what point is it no longer just a collection of “memories” but becomes hoarding?

  2. KelleyT says:

    Are there indicators in childhood for future hoarding? How do you tell the difference between normal collecting and a budding hoarder? (Child has OCD)

  3. Dr.Franklin says:

    It moves from a collection to hoarding when the space can no longer be used for its intended purpose, and when the clutter begins to cause functional impairment.