Hats Off to Marty!

Martha “Marty” Butterfield has worn many hats with NJCTS. (She’s even eaten her hat when she lost a bet. It was chocolate, of course.) Now she is permanently taking off her NJCTS hat and retiring. But let’s take a moment to remember all the roles she played in the last 15 years.

Office space provider Hat. In the early years of the organization, Marty was the person to offer us space in the basement of a building that she managed in Somerville, giving us a base of operations to help families.

Intake and Support Group Coordinator Hat.  When Marty officially joined NJCTS, these were the first hats she wore. There were nine support groups across New Jersey where people could come together speak with others about your daily struggles with TS. She would schedule with the hospitals, find the facilitator, book a speaker and promote the group…. via snail mail.

Webinar Coordinator Hat. When support groups were no longer sustainable, we started webinars to help fill the gap. Marty knew that watching one of these webinars could make a difference in your child’s life and threw just as much effort into them as the support groups. We have the 110+ webinars online to prove it!

Volunteer Coordinator Hat. She took on the role of Volunteer Coordinator for a while and passed that along and took it back.  (She just can’t make up her mind.)

Education Outreach In-service Coordinator Hat.  For a time, Marty managed the scheduling of in-services at schools to help children succeed in class. She coordinated Grand Rounds and Patient Centered Medical Events where doctors learn about and identify Tourette in their patients and the best methods of care and therapy. She also tracked our Youth Advocates as they did presentations around the state to advocate for themselves and their peers.

Family Retreat Weekend Hat. From the beginning, you couldn’t miss Marty at our Family Retreat Weekend taking pictures and organizing EVERYTHING to help run the weekend successfully!

Marty wore many hats in the organization with humor and grace and we are grateful for her contributions to the growth and success of the organization. NJCTS would not be where we are today, if she wasn’t willing to roll with the punches and juggle her hats, all in service to the 1 in 100 children and adults living with Tourette Syndrome.

Thank you Marty!