Family Dynamics – Parenting a Child with TS and Co-Occurring Disorders

Presenter: Robert Zambrano, Psy.D.
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Dr. Zambrano discussed strategies in parenting a child with TS & co-occurring disorders. One of the great challenges in parenting a child with TS is figuring out how to deal with misbehavior. Should we take a strict approach where there are clear consequences for misbehavior? Should we focus only on rewarding positive behaviors? Do we set firm boundaries or try and be flexible and negotiate?


  1. Juliet says

    in a previous webinar Dopamine was spoken of as increasing Tics and other unwanted behavior. Johns Hopkins is doing studies to say the opposite. that through Dopamine there may be connections to finding new tic-responsive medications. Is this something that is still very misunderstood? do we know the impacts of neurotransmitters on tic behavior and medication effectiveness

    • Dr. Zambrano says

      In general, I don’t tend to answer questions about medications since its not my area of expertise. Basically, I’ll just say we still have a lot to learn about how psychiatric medications can be helpful and which ones are more effective than others.

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