Wednesday Webinar – “Transitioning from high school to college”

“Transitioning from high school to college”
Presented by Dr. Andrew J. Lee
7:30 to 8:30 p.m. EST
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Dr. Andrew Lee will help adolescents and their parents navigate the process between high school and college and help them learn how to set themselves up for a positive transition into a new era of life. This webinar will cover common pitfalls for first year college students and offer practical suggestions for dealing with these problems. In addition, Dr. Lee will discuss various support services for students and ways to access these systems. The webinar will also address disability disclosure issues.

Dr. Andrew Lee is the Director of Monmouth University’s Counseling and Psychological Services. Previously, he was the Director of the Office of Counseling and Disability Services at Kean University. He received undergraduate degree in psychology from the University of Pennsylvania and his doctoral degree from the Rutgers University Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology in clinical psychology. He has worked with a wide variety of age groups and ethnic populations throughout his career, but has particular expertise in working with college students and Asian Americans. Dr. Lee specializes in working with Asian American young adults who are struggling with integrating two distinct worlds and multiple voices into a cohesive and satisfying personal experience.