Wednesday Webinar – “Parent Power: 5 Parenting Strategies to Improve Life at Home”

“Parent Power: 5 Parenting Strategies to Improve Life at Home”
Presented by Justin Misurell, Ph.D.
7:30 to 8:30 p.m. EDT
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Parents often struggle to manage their children’s difficult behaviors. Disobedience, back-talking, temper tantrums, fighting with siblings and refusing to go to school are common problems that can lead to frustration, aggravation and feelings of disempowerment among parents. These behaviors can also cause serious distress in your home and negatively impact your family’s ability to function. Fortunately, decades of research on behavior management has identified a number of core principles and techniques that have proven to be effective in addressing children’s behavioral difficulties. The current workshop synthesizes these strategies into an easy to remember acronym called Parent POWER, consisting of the following strategies: 1: Putting Structures in Place 2: Offering Incentives 3: Working Hard 4: Emotional Regulation and 5: Role-Modeling.

Justin R. Misurell, PhD, is a recognized expert on the evaluation and treatment of child sexual abuse and trauma. He is the Clinical Director of New York University’s Child Study Center- New Jersey Campus. Dr. Misurell co-developed Game-Based Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (GB-CBT), an integrative and trans-diagnostic approach for addressing childhood difficulties. His work has demonstrated how GB-CBT can be modified and successfully applied in various settings and with different populations. Dr. Misurell has given numerous presentations and has published multiple articles in peer-reviewed journals and book chapters on the game-based approach. Additionally, recently co-authored a book entitled, Game-Based Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Child Sexual Abuse: An Innovative Treatment Approach,. Dr. Misurell received an Early Career Scholarship from the National Register of Health Service Psychologists. He is a licensed psychologist in New York and New Jersey, and is credentialed by the Council for the National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology