Tourette Talk – Supporting Your Child with ADHD: How to Effectively Work With Them, Not Against

The Executive Function deficits that are at the core of ADHD impair planning, prioritizing, goal setting, task shifting, and emotion regulation to name a few.  How can a child with these deficits expect to change behavior alone? They need a team, a parallel person who can teach them how to get the most out of their unique brain wiring.

In this Tourette Talk, learn how to effectively be on your child’s team. Join the discussion on December 8th at 7pm as ADHD Coach Jane Milrod provides education on the neurobiology of ADHD along practical techniques on strategies a parent can use to support their child with ADHD to encourage improvements in Executive Functioning.

Jane Milrod is the founding Director of CHADD (Children and Adults with ADHD) of Princeton – Mercer County, a certified Parent to Parent Teacher with 15 years of teaching experience and an ADHD Coach supporting High School students, College Undergraduate and Graduate Students, Medical and Law Students, and Adults with Career and Relationship Challenges for over 15 years. She has attained the highest level of training and certification from The ADD Coaching Academy. She is also employed by a Princeton University Neuroscience Lab studying the visual features of attention.


  • December 8, 2022
  • 7:00 pm