Tourette Talk: Presentation of Autism Across the Gender Gap

Children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are a growing patient population with the most recent data from the CDC indicating 1 in 36 children (identified by age 8) are diagnosed with ASD. It has historically been observed at a higher rate among boys at a ratio of 1 female for every 4 males diagnosed with autism. As more is known about autism, there is a growing awareness that these gender and sex differences may be more complex than we originally thought. Clinicians and researchers are now finding differences in the way autism presents across genders, and higher prevalence in biological males may not necessarily mean that more boys have autism. Often, autism in girls just looks different from the stereotype of autistic behavior, so some doctors might not diagnose it. Or, what has been found among females, is many are not diagnosed until well into adulthood.

Dr. Theobald will discuss the varying symptoms of autism, how symptoms can present in biological males and females, review brain structure differences associated with autism, and provide reasons why autism can be overlooked in girls.

This TS Talk will be approximately 40-45 minutes of lecture and 15-20 minutes of Q&A.

Note: Because we are ta­­­lking about Autism generally, Dr. Theobald will not be providing any diagnostic impressions for specific cases.