NJCTS Virtual Tim Howard Leadership Academy

AUGUST 6 – 7, 2021

The 2021 NJCTS Tim Howard Leadership Academy remains virtual this year but features all new programming.

The Academy program will increase the participants’ understanding of their disorders and provide opportunities to explore and identify their strengths, while connecting with peers in the Tourette Syndrome community. They will also have the opportunity to meet and hear the stories of successful young adults who will serve as mentors, guiding participants on how to successfully tell their stories! Regardless of where participants are in with their comfort of self-advocacy and understanding and accepting their diagnoses, the academy has something to offer everyone in advancing to the next level with confidence, understanding, and resilience.

The Academy will take place over two full days and will include learning sessions, panel discussions, open forums for sharing, motivational speakers, and social time.

Topics covered:

  • TS and co-morbidities
  • How tics impact one’s life
  • Educating others
  • Self-advocacy in school/ college
  • How to deliver your message

Eligible participants have completed at least their first year of high school or equivalent. Maximum age is 18.  No application is required. This free event is open to all teens around the globe!

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