Family Support Group: Overcoming the Challenges of Living with Tourette Syndrome as an Adult

Presented by Dr. Lisa Cox and Chris Markulic 

Tourette Syndrome is categorized as a disorder of childhood onset yet it is also considered a lifelong disorder. We frequently hear about the challenges that children and adolescents with TS face as they go through the different stages of development, however, we don’t often hear about what it is like for adults with TS. Dr. Lisa Cox and Chris Markulic will share their insights and experience on living with TS and the associated disorders as an adult. Bring your questions and join the discussion!


Lisa E. Cox, PhD, LCSW, MSW is Professor of Social Work and Gerontology inStockton University’s School of Social & Behavioral Science, Social Work Program. Prior to 1999, Dr. Cox held a joint appointment at Virginia Commonwealth University’s (VCU) School of Medicine and School of Social Work.Since the inception of NJCTS, Dr. Cox has used her counseling skills and lived experiences to volunteer at the Camp Bernie Family Weekend events, serve as a speaker at multiple community-based educational forums, and present scholarly research nationally and internationally. For example, some of her sabbatical research, on how environmental triggers affect older adults living with TS—across their life course, was presented at the International TS Conference held in London, England.

chris markulicChris Markulic was diagnosed with TS at 11 and has been volunteering with NJCTS for several years in different roles. He has been a 3-time coach at the Tim Howard Leadership Academy, sat on the NJCTS Scholarship committee, and has raised funds for NJCTS at various walks and runs. Chris enjoys distance running, endurance obstacle course racing, and travelling/hiking with his wife and corgi.