De-Stress Your Tourette

Mindfulness and Improv Workshop for Tweens and their Parents


Summary: Because living with Tourette can be stressful, this spring participate in a  supportive one-day workshop for tweens (ages 10 – 15) with Tourette and their parents/primary caregivers. Experienced teachers will lead separate parallel programs – one for kids and one for their parents. Both programs will include:

Mindfulness techniques: meditation, body-awareness, and breathing practices—which have been shown to reduce the stress of the Tourette experience.

Age-appropriate improvisational theater games: a fun and meaningful way to connect with others, build confidence, and form lasting bonds.

Parents’ program will also include presentations on:
– The biology of Tourette Syndrome
– Creating a supportive environment at home and within the school system.
– Mindfullness techniques for parents
– Parenting with Tourette.

Cost: Free of charge but registration required