Disclosure: How and when to tell the rest of your world

zambrano-squarePresenter: Dr. Rob Zambrano

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We’ve tackled explaining to your child that he/she has a mental health condition. You’ve explained it to the family. Now, do we tell the rest of the world? Who should know? How do we tell them? Dr. Zambrano will help weigh the pros and cons of these decisions. He will review strategies for how to do this with an eye towards future disclosures into adulthood.


  1. KelleyT says

    I’m a teacher in elementary school; a child in my class clearly seems to have tics. Yet the family has not mentioned anything and even worse for the child they have not asked for any accommodations. How would you recommend handling that situation to get the best outcome for the child?

  2. KelleyT says

    How important is it for me to disclose to my employer or do I have to disclose to my employer?

  3. KelleyT says

    I’m headed off to college do I need to tell my professors? How about my roomate?

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