Charter Schools—Understanding Your Child’s Rights

Presenter:  Rebecca K. Spar, Esq.
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Ms. Spar spoke about Charter Schools, how they are governed and what is required of them regarding accommodations in special education. She discussed how the applications may be discriminatory and when disciplinary action may violate your child’s rights.


  1. NJCTS says

    What kinds of regulations might a charter be exempted from?

  2. NJCTS says

    What if any differences are there in the type of accreditation needed between charter and public school teachers?

  3. NJCTS says

    I understand that a charter cannot charge tuition to a student in their “home district” . However, if your district does not have a charter and the student goes outside their district, who sets the tuition, does it have to be approved by the DOE and is it available on the DOE’s website? Or is it randomly determined by the charter’s board based on the services the student might need?

  4. NJCTS says

    As I understand your comments, if the student’s district does not have a charter and the student goes to a charter in another district, the state does not pay that charter for that out of district placement. Therefore the full cost of the out of district charter tuition is the responsibility of the student. In that situation, do you know if the charters are typically in a position to offer scholarships or other means to assist the family with tuition?

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