Back to School with NJCTS


NJCTS is committed to delivering in-service trainings to education professionals and healthcare providers at schools throughout the state. We can provide a TS expert to train the faculty on managing TS symptoms in the classroom and offer a wide range of strategies and accommodations for the student(s) with TS that can lead to a positive impact on their academic success. Virtual presentations are also available. Email info@njcts.org for more information.



We can arrange for a Youth Advocate to speak to fellow students about TS through a powerful anti-bullying presentation promoting acceptance, tolerance, and self-advocacy. These presentations can be given in-person but will be virtual throughout the fall. There is no need to identify your child during the presentation.

TOURETTE TALK: Are IEPs and 504s on Your Back to School List?

Are you ready for September? Get a head start on the new school year by equipping yourself with the best tools to advocate for your child! Understanding the significance of IEPs and 504s can be critical in setting them up for success. In this Tourette Talk you will learn the difference between IEPs and 504s all while being educated on (1) how to know if your child is eligible, (2) what should be included in your child’s plan, (3) who should be creating it, and so much more! You do not want to miss out on a chance to set your child up for the ultimate success this school year!



The NJCTS resource room includes links to important state and federal guidelines, how-to guides for teachers, templates for students to create teacher introduction emails, bullying prevention resources, and so much more!