• Collaboration – Collaborative relationships within the education community will facilitate understanding of Tourette Syndrome among students and teachers, and will create a learning environment that supports the social/emotional and intellectual development of all students in the classroom. This understanding will enhance the development of teacher/parent collaborations and ultimately enhance the learning environment.
  • Partnerships – The Center will continue to partner with the Tourette Syndrome Association of New Jersey, Inc. (TSANJ), and Rutgers University in providing training opportunities for professionals and to support research opportunities for scientists looking for causes, treatment remedies and, most importantly, a cure for Tourette Syndrome.
  • Efficient Management and Resource Development – The Center supports its mission to serve the Tourette Syndrome communities through administrative effectiveness and the continuing development of funding sources. The Center will attract private funds in the form of grants and gifts as well as public funding, through collaborations, informational programs and partnerships. The funds secured shall be ongoing to fulfill these strategic directions and the Center’s goals.
  • Program Development – The Center offers programs statewide working with families, colleges and hospitals as well as web presented seminars, reaching participants from around the globe. In collaboration with the TSANJ, hospitals and educational institutions, the Center will expand its offerings to assure that programs are reaching families and professionals who currently do not have access. Utilization of media technologies is critical to this expansion.
  • Public Awareness – There is a lack of understanding and knowledge in the community about Tourette Syndrome, and many people with the disorder are stigmatized. As a result, a large portion of Tourette Syndrome incidents are denied. The Center will continue its efforts to create awareness of this disorder through informational programs and will work with radio and television stations and the written media to bring awareness to schools, colleges, residential communities and professionals in the health, education and psychological development fields.
  • Professional Environment – The Center seeks to create an environment characterized by shared vision, common goals, civility and mutual respect for individuals with Tourette Syndrome, their families, and all who work, lead and study in communities that serve those with Tourette Syndrome. It is an important part of the Center’s mission to increase Tourette Syndrome awareness so that such individuals may live a fulfilling life that contributes to the community and society at large.
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