Can dreams become a reality?

Hey guys. I had a dream that really bothered me the other night. Any idea what it means/why it bothered me so much? I have always wanted to go to Camp Twitch and Shout to be a counselor like my cousin did one summer but have never really had the courage to ask my parents.

So every now and then I have a “What if I was a counselor at Camp Twitch and Shout” dream. My dream that I had the other night is still bothering me and it felt so real. It was pretty much like a lucid dream.

In my dream, I was a counselor at Camp Twitch and Shout, and I was soooo excited to be there. I was loving interacting with the kids who had Tourette Syndrome just like me, but when it was time for me to go over and interact with the other counselors my age that had TS, I started to feel really uncomfortable and nervous.

I went to sit down next to a counselor on some bleachers and we were listening to some kind of assembly speech. I was ticcing a lot during the speech, and halfway through the counselor sitting next to me who I wanted to try to connect with turned to me and said in a really sassy way: “I didn’t know you had the courage to bust.” Then I said “Bust? Is that some kind of slang word for let your tics out?” Then she just laughed at me.

I was on the outside in this dream. I was an outsider among those who were just like me with TS. They didn’t think I had the courage to let out my tics and be OK with it, even though in reality I know I do let my tics out all the time.

Despite the unsettling nature of the dream, I woke up wanting to be a counselor at Camp Twitch and Shout more than ever. I even went to the website and checked out the counselor application forms. It was like I needed to prove to myself that I could consider this, consider being OK enough with my TS to be around others my age and let my tics out.

Does anyone have ideas what this means/why it bothered me so much?



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