Below is a list of books we have available in the NJCTS Book Lending library.

If you would like to request a loan one of these titles, or to suggest
a book you have found helpful call NJCTS at (908) 575-7350
or e-mail us at info@njcts.org.

Adam and the Magic MarbleBuehrens
Advances in Neurology No. 58N/A
Against Medical AdvicePatterson, Friedman
An Anthropologist On MarsSacks
Attention Zone, TheCohen
Brain Injury- Guide for EducatorsBIANJ Inc.
Brain Injury- Guide for School NursesBIANJ Inc.
Bullying at SchoolOlweus
CHADD Information Guide For ADHD, TheN/A
Challenging Kids, Challenged TeachersPacker, Pruit
Children With TS, A Parents GuideHaerle
Children With TS, A Parents GuideMarsh
Coping With TS and Tic DisordersMoe
Cursing Brain, AKushner
Cut BackStrasser
Dear Diary, My Sibling Has TS (Brochure)Shimberg
Determined To WinDriscoll, Benge
Don’t Think About MonkeysSeligman, Hilkevich
Emily’s TicFleischman
Explosive Child, TheGreene
Gene BombCummings
God Made Me SpecialFarrell
Helping Your Child Succeed In SchoolDept. of Education
Hi, I’m AdamBuehrens
I Cant StopNiner
I like Birthdays…It’s the Parties I’m Not Sure OfRenke
Icy SparksRubio
Introducing Sasha AbramofskyHalpern
Kevin and MeHeenan
Kids in the Syndrome MixKutscher
Living With TSShinberg
Long Way From Henry Street, AN/A
Mind Of It’s Own, ABruun
Motherless BrooklynLetham
Music in the Midst of ChaosConklin
Other Kid, TheDonlon
Our WishNunez
Parents Guide to Learning Disabilities, AN/A
Passing for NormalWilensky
Patient Who Cured The Therapist, TheSiegel, Lowe
Quit ItByalick
Shelly The Hyperactive TurtleMoss
Smile as Big as he Moon, AKersjes
Stick Up For YourselfKaufman
Taking TS  To SchoolKrueger
Teaching Students With TSHamilton
Teaching The TigerDornbush, Pruit
Test of Will, ASmith
Tic Talk – Living With TSPeters
Tic Disorders: Trichotillomania and Other…Woods, Mitenburger
Tics And Tourette’s – Breakthrough DiscoveriesRogers
Tourette SyndromeLandau
TS –  Finding Answers and Getting HelpWaltz
TS and Human BehaviorComings
TS and OCD ChecklistConners
TS and Tic DisordersCohen Et. All
TS- What Families Should KnowKimberg
Twitch and ShoutHandler
Understanding TS- Handbook for FamiliesTS Org. of Canada
Unwelcome Companion TheFowler
US Soccer Media Guide 2004N/A
What Makes Ryan TicHughes
Why Do You Do ThatChowdhury, Robertson
You’ve Got  A FriendDanya International Inc.


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