Grief and Loss: Handling Expectations

Presenter: Jesse Bassett, MDiv

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Grief is a topic most would like to avoid, as it often makes us feel uncomfortable and we find ourselves feeling awkward while trying to say and do the right things for our co-workers and friends. But, what has become apparent, is the fact that grief touches us all in various forms whether at work or at home.


  1. KelleyT says

    Good Grief offers any nights of support in Sussex County? If not, is there another support program for kids?

  2. KelleyT says

    We have 3 boys 6, 8 and 12. The middle child recently lost a kidney to cancer, has undergone chemo/radiation and seems to be recovering well. This has brought about lots of drama in our family for everyone. Do you have any suggestions for us about how to help him get comfortable when it sinks in that there are some things he will not be allowed to do such as play contact sports?

  3. KelleyT says

    What are some self care practices you would recommend?

  4. KelleyT says

    What are your thoughts about kids being introduced to death at a young age rather than hiding it or not discussing it in front of them.

  5. KelleyT says

    My 30 year old friend found her husband dead in bed one morning. 10 years later she continues to cry daily, over his death. How can I help her without telling her it’s time to move on, which is what I think?

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